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Reference:  Sales Basics - AIDA

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Do you remember A I D A  ???

AIDA is an acronym of the model used in creating powerful and effective marketing communications, sales letters and is  widely  used in advertising  today. Examine several direct mail and direct email letters and read them at least three times. The powerful and effective letters follow AIDA. What's AIDA stand for?

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grab the prospect's "ATTENTION"

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create "INTEREST" by providing some useful information

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create  "DESIRE" by offering something they want OR helping them avoid pain

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demand immediate "ACTION"

Also, notice how some use the two step method while others use the one step method. In the one step method,  AIDA and the selling is done in one communication. Most business to business marketing uses two step method.  A two step method usually involves a teaser ad where the prospect eventually seeks more information. The full information is then sent and the next step in the sales cycle begins.


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