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To automate a sales and marketing activity, you need a good process in place to automate. If you automate a bad process, you get more "stuff" done quicker, but it probably won't give you the best results.  You need  a good sales methodology in place!

Below is a list of popular sales methodologies listed in alphabetical order:

  Organization Product

Web site

Samurai Business Group, LLC Black Belt Selling™ http://www.samuraibizgrp.com

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Sandler Sales President's Club http://sandler.com

Action Selling Action Selling System http://www.actionselling.com/
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Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage® http://www.dale-carnegie.com/

 Achieve Global™

(was Xerox Learning Systems)

PSS Professional Selling Skills™ http://www.energyseekers.com/PSS.htm
Richardson Sales Training Curriculum http://www.richardson.com

Michael T. Bosworth

Solution Selling™ http://www.solutionselling.com/

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Miller Heiman

Strategic Selling® http://www.millerheiman.com/index.html

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Neil Rackham

Spin Selling™ http://www.huthwaite.com

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Sandler Sales President's Club http://sandler.com
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