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FINALLY! A Copywriting Breakthrough
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Introducing CopyDoodles™

"Now You Too Can Quickly Increase Your Conversion Rates With Our Easy-To-Use, Hand-Drawn Sales Boosters — Perfect For Your Ads, Direct Mail Marketing Packages, & More!"

Wanna see a few of them in action?  Before and after


Simply choose the CopyDoodle you want to use… which color you want
it in… drop it into your marketing piece and you’re done! But don’t just take my word — Here’s what a few CopyDoodles fans say:

Dan Kennedy calls CopyDoodles Brilliant!

"I liked CopyDoodles the minute I saw it. This is a great tool.

It's simple. It facilitates speed.

It has captured and made easy-to-use many graphic and cosmetic techniques that all savvy copywriters use to help guide readers through long copy, create interest and involvement, and boost readership and response.

As they say in the Guinness® beer commercials - brilliant!"

Dan S. Kennedy
Author, The Ultimate Sales Letter

“I’ve Seen a 27% Increase In Response…”

"CopyDoodles has allowed me to improve the results of my direct response mail pieces by focusing the readers attention in a way I couldn't do before.

Mailing to similar lists before and after CopyDoodles, I've seen a 27% increase in response even for the short time I've been able to use it. I wouldn't think about sending any of my letters, postcards, or other printed marketing materials without using CopyDoodles... it's opened up new results to me that I have never seen before. And it's SO simple to use!"

Charles Seymour, Jr

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