Handheld Contact - The best wireless ACT! sync service for BlackBerry, Pocket PC, and Treo Smartphones

HandHeld Contact for ACT on your phone

It's like having ACT! on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices,  or BlackBerry smartphones!

Handheld Contact Professional Edition enables you to be more productive than ever, saving time and money.

  • Sync ACT! Contacts, Activities, Notes, History and more.
  • Wireless synchronization.
  • Feature-rich app for the ultimate mobile ACT! experience.
  • Unlimited syncing.
  • Works off line when when the internet is not available
  • Self-service Knowledge Base and e-mail support included.

Improve your productivity and mobilize your customer management with Handheld Contact - it's like taking your office with you.  Even when you are offline/ not on the internet.

HandHeld Contact HHC pricing and info for iPhone Ipad Android BB