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Find New Sales Leads or Improve Executive Recruiting Research

Understanding that the Internet is the largest and most dynamic source of industry, company and contact information, our suite of business intelligence applications help B2B sales professionals stay in the know – and ahead of their competitors.

When does great selling start? Most sales experts agree that the key to sales success occurs before the initial call is even made. Researching target companies isn’t a "nicety" in sales anymore – it is a necessity.

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Contact Capture will scrape info from the screen and orgainze it.  To capture contact information from a document or list, simply highlight the info and tap a key on the keyboard. Contact Capture springs to life and captures the contact  and imports it into your database.

Export targets supported in the free version include Excel, vCard, csv, text files, ACT, Goldmine, Oncontact, SalesLogix, Salesforce Enterprise, SugarCRM, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, and Lotus Organizer.


Build lists instead of buying them

Ever buy a list, or subscribe to a so-called ‘data service’ only to find that many of the contacts, and some of the companies were incorrect or non-existent? Our Market Mapper tool uses sophisticated language technology to assist you in finding the companies you want to sell to.

Market Mapper builds company lists based on the target companies own self-descriptive language.

Using SIC codes, subscribing to ASP services and purchasing CD's is prehistoric. Market Mapper enables you to build your own targeted sales and marketing list within any niche. The best thing is that once you build the list, you own it. Gone are the days paying fees to list brokers.


Capture directories, lists, and tables with a few clicks

We’ve all wandered across a "golden website" filled with valuable information, be it a professional association directory, a chamber of commerce directory, or a trade show exhibitor list. Our Eclipse tool can quickly capture, parse, and export website information into a variety of formats.

Eclipse is a data capture tool specifically built to quickly capture, parse, sort and export online lists of companies and contacts. Online lists such as employee directories, association membership listings, chamber of commerce directories, password accessed lists, and even online profiles behind links can now be turned into sales leads that flow seamlessly into your database or CRM. There are millions of free lists on the Internet full of companies and people, Eclipse allows you to capture this data in seconds!


Quickly build a contact list

If you could click a button and have a dossier of information on your prospective clients, would you do it? Broadlook’s flagship application is Profiler – a quantum leap in Internet research automation. In mere minutes, Profiler can scan thousands of pages of information on the internet and pull back names, titles, email addresses, phone numbers and more. Import a list from Market Mapper or Eclipse and let Profiler do the research overnight, so you can do what you do best – engage prospects or recruit.

Profiler finds the latest press releases, newest contacts, and most recent news on clients and prospects. More information means better relationships and better response time to emerging sales opportunities.

Optionaly you can use Hoovers database from D&B. ProfilerX - All of the above, PLUS the power of Hoovers Data!


You can use Broadlook to:

  • Discover new companies and verticals markets
  • Mine the contact information of key executives and decision makers