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Current Oakhurst Products
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Data import utility for ACT! 2007 (ver 9) or later: Get more product info here with screen shots here


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OAK!Merge!™ 6

ACT! 4, 5 and 6 import or merge data into ACT!

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ACT 4, 5 and 6

ACT!PAK will export notes and history for importing to other systems. ACT!PAK is a collection of functions that extend ACT!'s capabilities

We export notes and history for all versions of ACT! as a service.

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Inactive/older Oakhurst Products: Available for ACT! 4, 5 and 6; Some older Goldmine, Saleslogix, and Maximizer systems 
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OAK!Check!™ Data checking & editing software (No Updates Planned)
OAK!Quote!™ Sales quotation software for any business(No Updates Planned)
OAK!Script!™ Create telemarketing scripts & update ACT!(No Updates Planned)
OAK!Ship!™ Transfer contact data to FedEx Ship or UPS OnLine Office (No Updates Planned)

Still does county assignments by ZIP code. Zip Code validation software for the USA (ZIP Code updates are discontinued. No other Updates are planned)