Meeting Notes: ACT! training and Support

Meeting Date: September 1997

NEWS YOU CAN USE: ACT! 3.0 users, the latest release of ACT! for Windows 95 is version 3.0.7. The 3.0.7 patch discs will update versions 3.0 through 3.0.6. (Use the command HELP, ABOUT ACT! to check which version you have.) If you don't have the latest update, you can download it from Symantec's Web site (or use ACT!'s LiveUpdate feature). Symantec has also just announced ACT! 3 for Windows 3.1 users. This version of ACT! is available at no charge to ACT!3 for Windows 95 users and for less than $100 for ACT! 2 users. ACT! 3 for Windows 3.1 will be particularly useful to users who need to share and exchange data across different platforms (operating systems). Also, Symantec recently announced ACT! 2.8 for the Macintosh. (Up until now, the most recent version of ACT! for the Macintosh was 2.5.) The new version, though not identical to ACT! 3, incorporates a number of "ACT! 3-like" enhancements—among them a view list feature which enables the user to edit field entries and sort contacts while in "list view".

Two versions of ACT! for portable machines are now available: ACT! for Windows CE and ACT! for the Pilot. On a sad note, Symantec has officially discontinued support for ACT! for DOS.


To quickly schedule a call or meeting click on calendar (LR corner) get a view of calendar. Then, just click double right click to go back to record.

In List view, to go to a contact record, double click on the grey box. In list view, can organize columns in any order and sort them in ascending order by clicking on the column heading. (Shift/click sorts in descending order.)


of the ACT! User Group will be on September 9, 1997. The ACT! User Group (a SIG of the C.C.S.) holds meetings on the second Tuesday of the month eight months out of the year. User Group meetings are free and open to all C.C.S. members. They are held at the Midway Motor Lodge in Elk Grove Village. Call E Tech Systems at 847-352-4770 to get meeting notices or e-mail us via

E Tech Systems is an ACT! Certified Consulting firm and Symantec Authorized Training Center. E Tech has installed, configured, and customized ACT! for dozens of companies and trained hundreds of ACT! users. Alan Lee can be reached at E Tech at 847-352-4770 or via e-mail to

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