Past 1998  Meetings FYI:

8 JANUARY 13, 1998 ACT! 3.0 REPORTS. Learn how to create and edit reports. Nancy Stronczek, ACT! Certified Consultant, will give us a mini-lesson on one of ACT’'s most powerful features.

8 FEBRUARY 10, 1998 THE PORTABLE OFFICE - SYNCHING. If you keep your database on more than one PC, you’ll need to know about synching. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of transferring and updating contact information from one PC to another.

8 MARCH 10 1998 THE PORTABLE OFFICE - FAXING. With a cellular phone and ACT! installed on your laptop PC, faxing from the field is a snap. We’ll discuss which fax software works best with ACT! and how to configure the hardware and software to get the job done

8 APRIL 14 1998 ACT! 4.0 NEWS & UPDATE

8 MAY 12 1998 E-MAIL with EUDORA & ACT! 4.0.1

8     SEPTEMBER 15, 1998   ACT! MINI-LESSON: FORM LETTERSSEPTEMBER 15, 1998   ACT! MINI-LESSON: FORM LETTERS   Learn how to use ACT! to quickly write and send form letters. Alan Lee, ACT! Certified Consultant will demonstrate how to use ACT! to create and send form letters and faxes, print address labels and how to address envelopes with ease.

Special note Regarding SEPTEMBER  15, 1998   >>> Note this is the 3rd Tuesday, due to Labor Day.

8   NOVEMBER 10, 1998  ACT! MINI-LESSON: LAYOUT DESIGNER With ACT! 4.0’s built-in layout designer, you can create and modify layouts, specify the colors, fonts, and graphics used, change the position and order of fields in your layouts – and more. Steve Stroz, ACT! Certified Consultant will show us what’s possible and how to get started.

8   OCTOBER 13, 1998  ACT! BUGS & FIXES  OCTOBER 13, 1998  ACT! BUGS & FIXES   Learn where the bugs are, how to avoid them, and which work arounds to use.

The Chicago ACT! User Group is a Special Interest Group of the Chicago Computer Society. Call the ACT! User Group Asst. Coordinator, , at (847) 352-4770 for questions on the group or with  address changes

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