ACT! User Group Meeting Schedule

Date Topic Description
JANUARY 12, 1999 TOP 10 ACT! TIPS & TRICKS FOR 1999 We’ll share some timesaving tips, tricks, and short cuts!
FEBRUARY 9, 1999 ACT! ADD-Ons Find out which ACT! add-ons are "must haves" and which ones to avoid.
MARCH 9, 1999 TALES FROM THE TRENCHES Learn from fellow ACT! users as they share their insights and tips - and show us how they’ve customized ACT! to make them more productive.
APRIL 13, 1999 PERSUASIVE SELLING Having the right software is only part of the sales automation equation. Tonight we will focus on content. Richard Swack, Sant Certified Consultant will discuss the keys of creating more persuasive communication. We’ll discuss how to use ACT! and Sant ProposalMaster to win more business!
MAY 11, 1999 Selling with PowerPointand Using a Marketing Encyclopedia It's easier to create a PowerPoint presentation than you think. Dennis Frantsve, ACT! Certified Consultant, will show ACT! users how to create presentations that sell. Dennis will share PowerPoint tips, tricks, and short cuts as well as how to attach a PowerPoint file to an ACT contact record.

Mike White of MarketingSmart will demonstrate the MarketingSmart Marketing Encyclopedia and show ACT! users how easy it is to build a library of marketing and sales materials which is accessible to all employees regardless of geographic location.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1999 INTRODUCING ACT! 2000. What does the new version of ACT! look like? What new features does it have? Steve Stroz, ACT! Certified Consultant, will share the exciting details. LIVE DEMO.
OCTOBER 12, 1999 SELLING WITH ACT! 2000. Be a selling machine! Learn how to take advantage of ACT! 2000's new features which allow you to configure ACT! to support your sales efforts each step of the way.
NOVEMBER 9, 1999 UPGRADING TO ACT! 2000. Got the urge to upgrade? Find out how to upgrade your software and database without headaches.