ACT! User Group Meeting Schedule

Date Topic Description
JANUARY 9, 2002 TOP TEN ACT! TIPS for the 2002 Favorite tips. We'll share our favorite timesaving tips, tricks, and short cuts of all time.
FEBRUARY 13, 2002


ACT! MINI-LESSON: REPORTS. Reports: Learn how to edit and create reports. Alan Lee, ACT! Certified Consultant, will give us a mini-lesson on one of ACT!'s most powerful features.
MARCH 13, 2002


User Case Story A fellow ACT! user will share how he/she uses ACT! to improve workday productivity. Learn from someone who has successfully met the challenge of customizing ACT! to their business. Whether you're a new or experienced user, you're sure to pick up practical ideas and tips you can put to use right away.
APRIL 10, 2002


Clean Up Your ACT!-Or Else Don't say we didn't warn you! Contact records with missing and/or erroneous contact data, wrong zip codes, and out-of-date area codes eat up time, cause frustration, and waste money. Worse yet, valued contacts may slip through the cracks never to be heard from again! We'll demonstrate and discuss tools and tips to keep your ACT! database lean and mean.
MAY 15, 2002


Mini Lesson- Lookups Lookups let you target specific groups of contacts for action or analysis. Learn how to build, run, and save lookups during this free mini training session.
JUNE, JULY, OR AUGUST No meetings No meeting during the summer break
SEPTEMBER 19, 2002  UPGRADING TO ACT! 6.0 We'll weigh the pros and cons of upgrading to ACT! 6.0 then walk you through an upgrade of ACT! 5.0 (ACT! 2000) to ACT! 6.0.  We'll indentify the precautions you'll need to take and show you how to back up your important data prior to upgrading. [Rasmussen North]   
OCTOBER 17, 2002  ACT! MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP  Our consultants will reveal the secrets to keeping ACT! running its best.  Learn proper maintenance procedures and get tips that will maintain and improve ACT! (& your PC's) performance.  Improve system reliability and speed.  Guaranteed to make you and your PC happy.  [Rasmussen North] 
NOVEMBER 14, 2002  IDEA EXCHANGE: GETTING RE$ULT$ WITH ACT! Make contact.  Build relationships.  Get results.  Sounds simple, right?  We'll facilitate the sharing of ideas among tonight's attendees on how to use ACT! build relationships that generate results!  We'll discuss how ACT! can be customized to support the relationship-building process.  Come prepared ready to share thoughts, exchange ideas, and learn!  [Rasmussen South]

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