Chicago ACT! User Group 2004 Meeting Schedule

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ACT! User Group Meeting Schedule

Date / Time Location Topic Description
March 2004 Schaumburg Public Library    Lesson on ACT! Reports
May 2004 Schaumburg Public Library    Lesson on ACT! Lookups
SEPTEMBER 21, 2004 Schaumburg Public Library

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ACT 2005 overview: Learn what's new, the  upgrade costs,  review the new system requirements, and see ACT! 2005 live.  Learn about the new plans for ACT 7.0,  7.01 and 7.02.  Learn the differences between the standard version and the new premium level ACT!.
OCTOBER 19, 2004 Schaumburg Public Library

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ACT 2005 Why upgrade: We'll weigh the pros and cons of upgrading to ACT! 2005  walk you through an upgrade of ACT! 5.0 (ACT! 2000) or ACT! 6.0.  to the new ACT 7.0 (ACT 2005)  We'll identify the precautions you'll need to take and show you how to back up your important data prior to upgrading. 
NOVEMBER 16, 2004 Schaumburg Public Library

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ACT 2005 How to use ACT as a CRM System: Learn about CRM, Customer Relationship Management, and how ACT! can be used to help your business.  Alan Lee will discuss what organizations are getting from CRM and how far you can take ACT! to get there. See how to track customer requests, analyze trends, identify bottlenecks, spot opportunities – and more

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