Unlock Codes for Oakhurst Software

Unlock codes for Oakhurst software are normally automatically obtained via the internet when you enter a valid product Key or  Serial Number/password

You need a license for each system you use the product on.

If you can not get the internet unlock or Activation button to work, then you can do a manual/ email activation request to  unlock and activate the software.

For OAKHURST Software: OAK!Merge 9 or later:

Then you are ready to activate using email 
Use the 2nd option under Tools, Activate to “Prepare Email Activation Request”
Use prepare button, then copy and paste into an email to support@oakpro.com 

We will send you back the 2  Reg. Keys
Use the option 3 in Tools, Activate to ”Register using Your Registration Keys”.
Put #1 In the top one and #2 in the bottom one as indicated.  
Use the Activate button

Note: if you do the option 2 again  and prepare a new request before doing option 3,  you invalidate the first request.  So don’t use option 2 again, after sending us the info unless we are starting over.

For OAKHURST Software Products Version 4, 5 or 6

Start the program and select Manual Unlock.  Send an email request to support@oakpro.com  with the following info.


  1. State why you need a unlock code
  2. Product Name
  3. Product Key
  4. Fingerprint
  5. Your Name
  6. Your Company
  7. Your Email
  8. Your Phone

You will receive back an "unlock code" you can enter into the Oakhurst Software registration screen for a manual unlock upon starting the product.

Visit www.oakpro.com for more information